Stuart Lambon

I’m a graphic designer and typographer working for print and web.

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Advanced customisations to the WordPress WYSIWYG editor

I’ve never really been a fan of content management systems that offer an in-context content editor unless they’re done well on a minimal scale; websites such as Medium do this very well. For most websites with more content and/or with e-commerce capabilities an in-context editor becomes hard to use because they user may get distracted by other parts of the site, lose their place or be bombarded by edit buttons everywhere. I have always preferred content be added the way that WordPress does it; via a back-end interface that focuses the user on what they are writing—in fact in version 4.1 they also added a […]

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Dashes, dumb quotes and double spacing

As much as I didn’t want this blog to become a place where I would lament over things, I admit defeat already as there are three things that I consistently notice in design (or more specifically, typesetting) that bug me more than probably anything else. Of course there are the really obvious things such as: design clichés, the stretched typefaces and plenty of examples of bad typography everywhere. However, there are three things that would go into my ‘Room 101’ of type without a hesitation of thought. I really don’t wish to sound like a pedant but it’s already a little late for that—especially […]

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