Stuart Lambon

I was asked by Fareham College to create a new student web app which would become a source for student-submitted news, whilst also containing useful information and resources—this would become a digital version of a student handbook.

It was decided to use the domain as it is short and easy to remember but in most cases within the identity it would be displayed and referenced as .social to simplify even further. The identity needed to look separated from of the college as to not look too corporate and the logo would need to be used on light and dark backgrounds. A limited colour palette was chosen to keep the identity strong and consistent at all times.

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The user experience remains largely exploratory with 3 icons being the main way to navigate the three areas of the site: news, enrichment activities and resources. The typefaces used allow the web app to stand out whilst remaining legible and readable in long passages of text. News pages News pages Resources

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